What is special in UNEP report that UN chief Antonio Guterres is worried about it? Read the full article

COP-27 A UN report says that this year mankind has watched climate change very closely. Everyone will have to make a collective effort to avoid this. This report has come at a time when the climate change conference is being held in Egypt.

A report by the United Nations agency United Nations Environment Program has warned about climate change. It states that the world has to adapt itself to climate change. This work has to be accelerated. This report of UNEP has come out in the name of Adaptation Gap Report 2022. This report has been released at a time when the annual Climate Conference (COP27) is going on in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. In this report, it has even been said that the world has done very little work in view of climate change. Its speed is very slow, in which it is very important to accelerate. 

What is special in the UNEP report

The UNEP report has also emphasized on taking effective measures in view of climate change, so that poor countries can be helped keeping in mind the increasing climate risks. According to the report, the amount that has been assessed for taking climate friendly measures is $ 340 billion. It has also been said that by the year 2050, this amount can increase to close to 565 billion dollars. 

The threat of climate change appeared this year

Agency executive director Inger Anderson says climate change has been closely watched this year. Deadly floods in many places, drought at some places and severe heat is a living proof of this. He has appealed to the world to immediately cut greenhouse gas emissions. He says that only through this can the effects of climate change be stopped. 

In any case, carbon emissions will have to be cut

In this report, the most emphasis has been given to adaptation and reduction of carbon emissions. Apart from this, emphasis has been laid on collective efforts to deal with the climate crisis. The 2015 Paris Climate Agreement promised to halt global warming and limit it to 1.5°C. However, the world is far from this goal, considering the way various countries of the world have made efforts in this direction. The report says that the Earth’s temperature has increased by 1.1 degrees Celsius compared to the level of the pre-industrial period. 

Antonia Guterres reaction 

UN Secretary-General Antonia Guterres says that the world has failed to protect the general population from the effects of climate change. This is now clear. Poor countries and poor people have to pay the highest price for this. The UN chief said that at present, less than 10 percent of the amount we will need to reduce the impact of climate change in the future, will be needed immediately to avoid it. 

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