Watch: Tyre Nichols death, held and brutally beaten by the Memphis police, Protest ensue across the UK

                         <h2>                                 Police has wreaked havoc on a man in Memphis, America. Five policemen beat up a man badly. The seriously injured person has died. On the other hand, demonstrations are taking place in the city against the police.                            </h2>                         </p><div>                             <p>Five policemen in the US city of Memphis have been accused of killing a black youth named Tyre Nichols. Some videos have been released in this regard on Friday. In which Nicholas is seen shouting calling her mother while being beaten up. Apart from this, it also shows policemen kicking him and beating him with sticks.            </p>                                <p>Let us tell you that 29-year-old Nicholas was stopped by the policemen on January 7 for rash driving and given second degree torture. He was beaten up so much that after being admitted in the hospital for three days, he died on January 10. four videos released  

Four videos have been released in this case. The first video shows officers dragging Nichols from the driver’s seat of his car. During that time he is saying that I have not done anything… I am just trying to go home. Then he is beaten and thrown on the ground. The officers were ordering him to lie down on his stomach. 

When you see black American police officers, with body cams, doing this to another black American, you get an idea about what US military have done in #Iraq, #Afghanistan and other countries around the world.#TyreNichols #TyreNicholsVideo #MemphisPolice — أحمد حسيني (@A_Hossainy) January 28, 2023

Attacked with pepper spray

It was also seen in the video that the policemen also hit him in the face with pepper spray. After which he has difficulty in breathing. Nikolas somehow tries to escape, then one of the policemen fires at him with his gun. 

Officer dismissed

Other footage shows two officers holding him down, while a third policeman kicks him. The fourth strikes Nicholas with a baton before punching him. During this, Nichols was repeatedly called “Mother! Mother!” Screaming is heard. At the same time, his mother has told that her son was only 80 (meters) away from the house when he was beaten up.

The video shows a stretcher arriving 19 minutes after emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene. The officers were dismissed from the police department on January 20 following the incident. Nicholas is the father of a 4-year-old child. He lived in Memphis with his mother and stepfather.

Protect across the UK

Since this incident, a large number of people have been demonstrating on the streets in the city of Memphis. Curfew-like situation prevails in the city. Police force has been deployed. US President Joe Biden has also expressed concern after watching the video. He has appealed to the people to maintain peace. 

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