Ukraine preparing to retaliate after Russian advance on Bakhmut; American reporter arrested in Moscow

Ukraine is preparing to thwart Russia’s advance in the city of Bakhmut. Ukraine said that Russia had made an advance in Bakhmut, but for this Russia had to face heavy losses. Ukraine is preparing to retaliate against Russia in the region. At the same time, diplomatic relations between America and Russia are continuously deteriorating.

Russia arrested American newspaper reporter

Russia’s FSB security service has arrested Ivan Gershkovich, a reporter for the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal, on suspicion of spying for the US. However, the newspaper has denied all these allegations leveled against its reporter. The newspaper has demanded the immediate release of the reporter. However, there is no response of any kind from the US side in this matter.

Russian army is moving forward

It is known that the city of Bakhmut in Ukraine has become the center of bloody fighting in Europe after the Second World War. Ukraine has been pushing for rescue in the city for about five months. However, he is now planning a retaliatory strike against Russia. A report by the Ukrainian Armed Forces said that Russian forces had made some progress in the town of Bakhmut. Reports say that the Ukrainian army has strengthened its grip on the city.

The report released by Ukraine’s military said that the number of Russian attacks on the front line has decreased during the last four weeks and it has almost halved in four weeks. The Russian attack has caused heavy damage to many cities in Ukraine, due to which millions of refugees have been forced to flee from one place to another.

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