Taliban: The cruel face of Taliban came to the fore again, 20 people were publicly flogged

The people of Afghanistan are being tortured under the Taliban regime. Twenty people were publicly flogged on Wednesday as punishment for adultery, theft and other crimes. Each person was punished with 35 to 39 lashes.

Vandalism has continued since the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Twenty people were publicly flogged on Wednesday as punishment for adultery, theft and other crimes. A week ago, a man was hanged publicly in Farah province on charges of murder. Ever since seizing power in Afghanistan in August this year, the Taliban have imposed a strict vigil on people, especially women, under the guise of Islamic or Sharia law. 

As a punishment, 35 to 39 lashes were showered on each person.

Mohammad Qasim Riaz, a Taliban-appointed spokesman for the Helmand province governor’s office, said those involved in various crimes were punished at the sports stadium in Lashkar Gah. Each person was given 35 to 39 lashes as punishment. During this Islamic clerics, provincial officials of Taliban, elders and local people were present. Riyaz told that apart from this many people were sent to jail according to their crime. 

Taliban publicly hanged a man

Let us tell you that a few days back a person was hanged publicly by the Taliban. Taliban officials said on Wednesday that one convicted of the murder had been executed. International organizations objected to this incident. Many countries including UN, America opposed public hanging. Please tell that till now no country has officially recognized the Taliban government. The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan on 15 August. Prior to the US invasion in 2001, the Taliban ruled Afghanistan. 

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