Taiwan says China will close the airspace amid the military drills, know the reason

China is going to close the airspace near Taiwan for about half an hour on Sunday. Yan Yu Sin, associated with Taiwan’s Defense Department, says that the no-fly zone will extend to the Air Defense Identification Zone. It covers an area up to 85 nautical miles from the northern coast of the country.

Earlier it was announced that it would be closed from 16 to 18 April. Tension was further increased by this announcement in the midst of military exercises being conducted by China.

Taiwan’s transport ministry said China later revised it to 27 minutes. Also informed that this step has been taken in view of the things falling from the satellite launch vehicle.

Military Drills are a serious warning: China

The military exercise conducted by China after the return of Taiwanese President Sai Ing Wen from the US trip is a serious warning to Taiwan and its allies. Chinese spokesperson said this on Wednesday.

Cy Ing Wen met with US Speaker Kevin McCarthy in California. After his return, the Chinese side conducted air and sea military exercises in and around the Taiwan Strait for three days.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that 35 Chinese aircraft and eight naval vessels were seen during 24 hours. Of these, about 14 airplanes crossed the center line of the Taiwan Strait.

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