Super Typhoon Hinnamnor: Due to typhoon heavy rain and strong winds, flights and ferry services were stopped in many countries

Typhoon Hinamor, the most powerful global storm, has affected many countries at once. Cities in eastern China have suspended ferry services and classes. Flights into Japan were canceled on Sunday.

Typhoon Hinamor, the most powerful global storm, has affected many countries at once.  Cities in eastern China have suspended ferry services and classes.  Flights into Japan were canceled on Sunday.  Typhoon Hinmanor, this year’s strongest storm, lashed Taiwan and Korea with strong winds and heavy rain that blew up trees and homes.

50 thousand police officers were deployed for rescue in China

China has stopped ferry services.  More than 50,000 police officers have been deployed to rescue and assist people in danger areas.  Wenzhou’s Eastern Business Center has ordered the suspension of all classes on Monday.

Winds blowing at the rate of 175 kmph

According to the Hong Kong Observatory, Hinamnor is forecast to move gradually north into the East China Sea with maximum sustained winds of 175 km (109 mph).

Flood likely due to heavy rains

Japan’s southern Okinawa island has been ordered to exit and flights to be cancelled.  The storm is expected to bring heavy rain to the Korean peninsula, creating the potential for flooding.

Ships asked to return to ports

China’s National Meteorological Center has issued a yellow thunderstorm warning at 10 am on Sunday.  Heavy rain has been warned in northeast Zhejiang, Shanghai and autonomous Taiwan.  The ships were asked to return to ports to avoid strong winds.  The Meteorological Center has urged people not to gather in large numbers both indoors and outdoors.

Huge damage to trees and houses

In Japan, the storm has damaged trees and homes in Okinawa and surrounding islands, causing heavy rain and severe winds.  This created a risk of flooding.  More than 100 flights connecting islands and parts of the main southern island of Kyushu have been affected.

People are also in the grip of storm

Footage shown on Japan’s NHK national television showed the storm uprooted trees and rained heavily on sidewalks.  A greenhouse of mangoes was demolished on Ishigaki Island.  According to media reports, two elderly people on the main Okinawa island fell down and suffered minor injuries.

People were evacuated to safe places

Officials said the slow-moving storm could bring rain.  The risk of flooding may increase in the southern region, where dense rain clouds are trapped.  More than 600 residents of New Taipei, Taoyuan and Hsinchu counties in Taiwan were moved to shelters on Saturday amid heavy rain and strong winds, according to the island’s central news agency.

The typhoon caused landslides in Miyoli County and uprooted more than 100 trees along the road.  About 40 flights and more than 100 ferry services to Taiwan were also canceled on Saturday.

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