South Africa: pilot finds a 'Cobra' in the Cockpit of the plan makes an emergency landing

A shocking incident happened with a South African pilot. It was a routine flight for South African pilot Rudolf Erasmus until he realized the plane was carrying one more passenger. Actually there was a cobra snake in the plane which was crawling under his seat. Rudolph’s plane was at an altitude of 11 thousand feet at that time.

Emergency landing done after cobra was found in the plane

Pilot Rudolf Erasmus made an emergency landing of the aircraft without fear and showing his understanding. He was flying a small Beechcraft plane with four passengers from Worcester to Nelspruit on Monday morning. But only then the pilot saw a poisonous cobra snake under his seat. Despite this, the pilot safely brought the plane full of four passengers to the ground safely. Experts have appreciated the pilot for this understanding.

Cobra was hiding near the engine

Erasmus explained his dilemma to the Times Live website. He said that it was a very frightening situation. In the morning when I took off with four passengers. Then the people of Worcester Airfield reported that they had seen a cobra lying under the wing. The pilot tried to catch it himself but unfortunately the snake was hiding near the engine.

Poisonous cobra was near the bottle

Pilot Erasmus has been flying the aircraft for the last five years. In this episode, he was going on his next journey. He said, “I usually travel with a water bottle which I keep near my leg and against the side wall of the Plane then I realized that something was wrapped around the bottle. He further said that as soon as I bent down to pick up my bottle, I was stunned to see the scene. Cobra was seen near my bottle and under the seat.

People informed about the incident

Pilot Erasmus said that I decided not to tell anyone about the situation because the passengers would panic. But then he later thought twice and decided that he should inform the passengers about this so that no untoward incident happens. The pilot informed the people about this and asked them not to panic. The pilot of the plane told the passengers that there is a cobra under my seat, so I am making the plane emergency land as soon as possible.

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