Russian Spy Balloons: Now Russia used spy balloons? Flying 'objects' seen in Kyiv

Spy Balloons: There is a continuous debate about spy balloons. At the same time, now the news of Russia using spy balloons in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv is coming to the fore.

Ukrainian officials say Russian “spy balloons” have been shot down over Kyiv. Ukraine’s military administration said on Telegram that six balloons, which could be carrying reconnaissance equipment, were seen over the capital, according to Sky News.

Although it was not clear when the spy balloons flew over Kyiv, air alerts were issued in the city. Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat confirmed that the air raid sirens were caused by balloons flying over the capital.

This comes after so-called spy balloons made headlines in recent days when the US accused China of running a “high-altitude balloon program” to collect intelligence.

On 4 February, a Chinese spy balloon was shot down by an American fighter jet. China said the balloon was an unmanned weather airship that was blown up by mistake and the US responded by using F-22 jets to bring the object down.

China also said it would take steps against US entities linked to the downing of a suspected Chinese spy balloon, while the US sanctioned six Chinese entities said to be linked to Beijing’s aerospace programs.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that China firmly opposes this and will retaliate in accordance with law against relevant US entities that undermine China’s sovereignty and security. China will resolutely defend national sovereignty and its legitimate rights and interests.

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