Russian President's convoy attacked, explosives thrown at Putin's car

According to the information, during one of his visits recently, his convoy has been attacked with explosives.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s convoy was attacked. According to the information, during one of his visits recently, his convoy was attacked with explosives. One car stopped the vehicle in front of Putin’s convoy, while the other car turned around the convoy and hurled explosives at the vehicle carrying the Russian president.

The Express UK report, quoting the General SVR Telegram channel, said that Putin was on his way home when, a few kilometers away, the first escort car of the convoy was stopped by an ambulance, the second escort car drove around without stopping After this, a loud bang came from the front left wheel of the third car. Putin was in this car. After the sound of a loud bang, smoke started coming. The report claimed that despite this attack, Putin reached his destination safely.

The war between Russia-Ukraine continues for more than 6 months

Let us tell you, this news of the attack has come to the fore at a time when it has been more than 6 months since the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday visited the recently liberated city of Izium from Russian occupation and congratulated and thanked soldiers for their efforts to capture it.

The city hall in the city may have been gutted, but the Ukrainian flag now stands proudly in front of it. Russian troops left the war-torn city last week as Ukraine launched a massive retaliation. A few days ago, Ukrainian troops recaptured vast areas of the country’s northeastern Kharkiv region.

Most of Izium devastated

Much of Izium has been destroyed. Apartment buildings are blackened by smoke from the flames and shaken by intermittent artillery strikes. Zelensky said during a brief interaction with the press, “This scene is very shocking, but it is not shocking to me, because we started seeing the same pictures from Bucha.

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