Russia Syria Attack: Amidst the war with Ukraine, Russia carried out airstrikes in this country, 120 killed

Russia Air Strikes Syria: Russian fighter planes have carried out air strikes on the bases of the terrorist group Nusra Front in Idlib province of Syria. In this 120 rebels have died.

Syria Air Strike Update: The war between Russia and Ukraine is still going on. Meanwhile, Russia carried out airstrikes in the Syrian country of Middle-East Asia, in which 120 rebels were killed. Let us tell you that Russian fighter planes have opened fire on the bases of Al-Nusra Front affiliated to Al-Qaeda in North-Western Syria. The Russian air strike caused a furore and destroyed many bases of Nusra Front.

Russian air strike on Nusra Front bases

The news agency SANA quoted Russian military sources in Syria as saying that Russian fighter jets attacked a Nusra Front training camp in the Sheikh Yusuf area of ​​Idlib province. Observation points, drones and missile launchers were destroyed in the Russian airstrike.

Russia carried out 14 air strikes

Britain-based war monitor Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also reported an airstrike by Russian planes in Idlib, saying Russian fighter jets carried out 14 air strikes on Thursday. Missiles were fired at rebel-held areas in Idlib province.

Idlib becomes rebel stronghold

Significantly, Idlib has been occupied by several rebel groups, including radical groups such as the Nusra Front. Idlib has emerged as the last major rebel stronghold in Syria. Russia launched an airstrike to clear this occupation of the radicals.

The destruction caused by the war in Syria

Know that about 5 lakh people have died due to the war in Syria and almost half of the country’s population has been forced to be displaced.

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