Russia released American basketball star Brittany Griner, in return the US released arms dealer from jail

America’s basketball star Brittany Griner has been released by Russia. In return, the US has released Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout. At present, the US has failed to release Paul Whelan, an American citizen lodged in a Russian prison.

America’s basketball star Brittany Griner has been released by Russia. In return, Russia’s arms dealer Viktor Bout has been released by the US. The US has currently failed to secure the release of Paul Whelan, an American citizen lodged in a Russian prison. President Joe Biden said that Britney is safe, she is on the plane and going home.

Biden said this in a media interaction with Britney’s wife Carel at the White House. Be aware that Britney is gay, he made it public in an interview in 2013. These releases took place. 

During the Ukraine war, while the US and Russia are indirectly fighting each other. This exchange of prisoners has also proved that behind-the-scenes talks are going on between the two superpowers. This situation is good for world peace. 

Spent eight months in a Russian prison

Britney is a two-time Olympic gold medalist. He was arrested for carrying narcotics in Russia. Later it was said from the US side that what is considered a narcotic substance in Russia is not banned in the US and many other countries. Due to this, Britney had reached Russia with the said substance in misunderstanding. Britney remained in Russian prison for about eight months. The Biden administration has in return released infamous arms dealer Bout. Bout was once known as the merchant of death. 

He has been infamous for supplying arms to many troubled regions of the world. The Russian Foreign Ministry has confirmed the exchange. It has been told that the exchange of prisoners took place in Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE. After the release, Bout also left for his home by plane. While another US citizen Paul Whelan has been lodged in a Russian prison since December 2018 on charges of espionage. There has been no talk between the two countries regarding his release. 

Mediation between the President of the UAE and the Saudi Crown Prince

The release of American basketball star Britney and Russian arms dealer Bout was achieved through efforts by UAE President Muhammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman. Both the leaders have good relations with the big leaders of America and Russia. This has been said in the joint statement of both the countries. Both the prisoners were brought to Abu Dhabi by private planes and there they were exchanged. 

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