Russia missiles attack on Ukraine, many cities plunged into darkness

On Tuesday, Russia carried out airstrikes on the residential buildings of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, causing chaos in the area. Ukraine has also announced an emergency black out to avoid air strikes.

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is not taking its name to stop. On Tuesday, Russia carried out airstrikes on residential buildings in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, causing chaos in the area. A spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force said that Russia has fired about 100 missiles all over Ukraine. Ukraine has also announced an emergency black out to avoid these air strikes. After this, many cities of Ukraine were immersed in darkness. Describing the situation as serious, Ukraine’s senior official Kyrylo Tymoshenko has urged people to cut electricity. 

Targeted residential buildings

An aide to Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy has released a video on the attack on residential buildings, in which a fierce fire can be seen on a five-storey building in Kyiv. Regarding these attacks, the mayor of Kyiv said that a total of three residential buildings have been attacked. At the same time, officials have said that rescue teams have been sent to the sites of the attack.

UN condemns human rights abuses

Let us tell you that Ukraine had re-established its control over the southern city of Kherson in the past, after which there have been attacks in the capital Kyiv. There have been reports of abuse in the city of Kherson since the Russian troops left. The head of the monitoring mission of the United Nations Human Rights Office, Matilda Bogner, on Tuesday condemned the situation in the city of Kherson, describing it as grave. Regarding the violation of human rights in Kherson, Bogner said that he has 80 cases registered with him. He said that his teams want to visit Khersan to investigate these matters.

Russo-Ukraine war continues for 9 months

At the beginning of this war, the city of Kherson was captured by Russia. In the past, Ukraine recaptured the city, which was one of Ukraine’s biggest successes in this war. After this it was understood that Russia would now show less aggression towards the war, but with the attacks in Kyiv, this war has now taken a new turn. 

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