Queen Elizabeth's coffin will be bought today, dies in London, Scotland

Queen Elizabeth II dies on Thursday at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. His mortal remains will be brought to London today by a Royal Air Force aircraft. Millions of people of Britain are bidding their last farewell to the Queen with moist eyes.

The coffin containing the body of Queen Elizabeth II was moved from the Palace of Holyrood House to St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh on Monday. Thousands of people standing on the way bid their final farewell to their queen with moist eyes. During this, some elderly women and men were also seen crying with hiccups. The coffin of the Queen will remain in the cathedral until Tuesday. On Tuesday, he will be taken to London by a Royal Air Force plane. 

The Queen dies in Scotland on Thursday

A contingent of soldiers of the Royal Regiment of Scotland was playing mourning over the bagpipes as they traveled from the palace to the cathedral. Breaking the silence in the atmosphere of mourning, only the sound emanating from the bagpipe could be heard.. nothing else. King Charles, his sister Princess Ann and brother Prince Edward were walking behind the vehicle carrying the coffin. The Queen died on Thursday at Balmoral Castle in Scotland

King Charles’ first address to the British Parliament

On Monday, King Charles III addressed the British Parliament for the first time since his coronation in London. Referring to Queen Elizabeth’s dedication and dedication to work, he said that he too will try to fulfill the responsibilities with full dedication. Will selflessly fulfill the responsibility of governance in a constitutional way. During this, King Charles also mentioned a composition of Shakespeare in memory of the Queen. King addressed members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords at Westminster Hall in the Parliament House complex. Earlier, members of both the houses paid tribute to the late Queen.

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