Queen Elizabeth II buried next to her husband Prince Philip at Windsor Castle in UK

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral took place late on Monday night. The royal family’s official website said in a statement that the Queen was buried next to husband Prince Philip at the King George Memorial VI Chapel. The King George Memorial is a part of Windsor Castle

Apart from the Queen’s father King George VI, mother and sister were also buried here. Nothing was made public about the last ceremony. Buckingham Palace called it a ‘deeply personal family occasion’. Its videos or photos were also not released.

The journey from Westminster Abbey to Windsor Castle is about 40 kilometers. During this, the Royal Family was together sometimes on foot and sometimes in vehicles. 

Remove the royal emblem from the coffin

The Queen’s coffin was safely lowered into the Royal Vault. After this, the royal emblems of the Queen on it such as the crown and wand were removed from it. These will be kept in the Tower of London. Later King Charles would use them. Until then the Dean of Windsor will look after these symbols.

Prince William and Harry didn’t even make an eye contact

Prince William and Prince Harry remained together during the Queen’s funeral. According to the report of ‘The Guardian’, despite being together for several hours, the two brothers did not even make eye contact to talk to each other. Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton and Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle also did not speak to each other. 

Earlier, the Head of the States paid tribute to the Queen at a state funeral. These included India’s President Draupadi Murmu and US President Joe Biden. Prince Harry, the son of King Charles, who has renounced the status of a member of the royal family, did not salute Queen Elizabeth’s coffin. It is being discussed a lot.

State Funeral at Westminster Abbey

Earlier, the Queen’s coffin was brought from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey, accompanied by a parade by the Royal Guards. The people of the royal family were walking behind the gun carriages. 

All the funeral rituals were performed by the Dean of Westminster David Hoyle. He was accompanied by the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. According to royal customs, mourning was done on the death of the Queen, prayers were held. Prime Minister Liz Truss made a short speech.

A resolution was read out on behalf of the royal family. Then a silence of two minutes was observed. With this the rituals of the State Funeral were completed. During this, the President of India Draupadi Murmu, American President Biden and other heads of state from all over the world were present. After the state funeral, some heads of state, including Biden, left for their respective countries.

Private Funeral Rituals

The coffin was brought from Wellington Arch to Windsor Castle. The Dean of Windsor prayed with the Royal Family and the Queen’s personal staff at St George’s Memorial Chapel here. The coffin was kept in the Royal Vault. The Archbishop of Canterbury spoke Blessings. The Royal Band played the melody. The Royal Jeweler (royal goldsmith) took out the Crown and other things from the coffin of the Queen. 

King Charles III walks behind the Queen’s coffin

The new King of Britain, King Charles III, was following his coffin as the Queen’s body was brought to the abbey. During this, the Prince of Wales and King Charles’ son William were also together. 

Prince Harry didn’t salute the coffin

The New York Post posted a photo of Prince Harry. In this, the Royal Guards were seen saluting the coffin of Queen Elizabeth. Both of Harry’s hands are straight towards the feet. At the moment, it is not clear whether Harry was stopped from the Royal Salute or did it himself. Actually, two years ago Harry and wife Meghan Markle left the Royal States and live in America.

As Harry stood in a careful posture, his elder brother Prince William and the rest of the family were saluting. Another member of the royal family, Prince Andrew, also did not salute. Last year he was in controversy over sex scandal and Queen saved him. The special thing is that Harry did not even attend the ‘Pre Funeral’ Ceremony. However, he has been in London since the day of Queen’s death i.e. 8 September. 

Queen’s coffin carried on gun carriage

According to royal traditions, the Queen’s funeral took place 10 days after her death. From 12 September the Queen’s coffin, kept in Westminster Hall, was brought to Westminster Abbey in a gun carriage. It was pulled by 142 Royal Navy sailors. The same carriage was also used during the funerals of Edward VII, George V, George VI and Sir Winston Churchill. 

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