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Putin Meets Modi: Biden administration will have an eye on China&Russia – The Asia Saga

Putin Meets Modi: Biden administration will have an eye on China&Russia

Putin Modi meeting in SCO Summit SCO Summit is closely watched by America and Western countries. This meeting is taking place at a time when America is trying to come closer to Pakistan. He has helped Pakistan a lot with the F-16.

Putin modi meets in SCO Summit: The 22nd summit of the Council of Heads of Member States (SCO) of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization has begun in Samarkand, Uzbekistan on Thursday, two years after the Corona epidemic. At the same time, a meeting of SCO will be organized today, in which leaders of many countries including Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi will be involved. America and Western countries are keeping a close eye on this meeting.

Especially Russia, China and India will be the eyes of these countries. This meeting is taking place at a time when America is trying to come closer to Pakistan. Recently, America has helped Pakistan a lot with the F-16. After this, he is also helping Pakistan in the flood disaster. India has also expressed its objection to the continued help on the F-16. Let us know whether Modi-Putin’s meeting will shake America. Will it affect the relationship between America and India? What do experts say in all these cases?

1- Can Modi-Putin meeting make America feel chilly? Prof Pant said that the Modi-Putin meeting is taking place at a time when tensions between the US and Russia are at its peak. He said that the US had also objected to India’s stand in the Ukraine war in the United Nations. There is no doubt that the friendship of India and Russia is very close, old. In such a situation, India’s inclination towards Russia is inevitable. He said that America and Western countries will be closely watching this meeting. Along with India’s stand in the Ukraine war, the US will also be eyeing military cooperation between the two countries. This meeting is taking place at a time when the US has objected to the supply of Russian S-400 defense missile systems. However, India has made it clear that it maintains an independent policy in the country’s security matters. India’s relations with Russia are strong. 

2 – He said that the big challenge before Indian foreign policy is how it strikes a balance with Russia and America and Western countries. How India manages to send the message that its friendship with Russia will not affect the US and the West. This thing becomes more important when India has strategic relations with America. America and India are member countries of the Quad organization. In such a situation, this challenge becomes even bigger before the Indian foreign policy. India does not want to upset America and Western countries at all. He has to maintain a balance policy. He said that as far as the question of chilliness is concerned, the closeness of India and Russia will certainly not be liked. 

3- Prof. Pant says that the heads of India and China will stand against each other at a time when relations between the two countries are tense over the border dispute. The tension in the relations between the two countries is at its peak. There has been no outcome of the ongoing meetings on the border dispute. China is firm on its adamant stand regarding the border dispute. In such a situation, the big challenge is how India takes forward its bilateral relations with China. There is also a question whether PM Narendra Modi will raise India’s concern about the border dispute from this forum. All these questions are important in this meeting. He said that apart from this, America will also have a keen eye on China, what is China’s stand in the Ukraine war. Will Russia raise the issue of Ukraine war from this forum. 

4-Will the standoff in the border dispute with China reduce? In response to this question, Prof Pant said that the possibility of this is very less. He said that this forum is important in the sense that despite the strained relations between the two countries, India-China is coming forward for bilateral relations. India’s policy shows that it wants to resolve its disputed issues only through mutual dialogue. It does not support any other country’s intervention or war in the border dispute. Are there any signs of reduction in Pakistan sponsored terrorism? He said that look, terrorism is definitely an issue in this meeting, but the possibility of any change in Pakistan’s attitude towards India is slim. However, if seen diplomatically, this meeting is to limit the war-like situation and tension between the two countries. 

Putin visited India in 2021

Modi and Putin met nine months ago. In December 2021, President Putin visited New Delhi for a few hours and had an annual India-Russia summit with PM Modi. PM Modi has had several telephonic talks with Putin after Russia’s attack on Ukraine, but this will be the first bilateral meeting between them in recent times. Issues related to the current India-Russia relations, petroleum import-export and energy relations will especially arise in the discussion between them. Russia is an important crude and gas supplier country of India after February 2022. India has increased the purchase of oil and gas from Russia, bypassing the pressure of America and Western countries in this regard. 

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