One person dying of hunger every 4 seconds, 345 million people are facing starvation

The NGOs said that around 19,700 people are estimated to die of hunger every day. This means that every 4 seconds a person is dying due to hunger.

Demanding an end to the global hunger crisis, more than 200 NGOs have warned that one person is dying of hunger every 4 seconds. In such a situation, decisive international action should be taken to end the Global Hunger Crisis. In a statement, the NGO said, organizations from 75 countries have signed an open letter expressing their outrage at the skyrocketing levels of hunger and recommending action.

NGOs have said in a statement, since 2019, 345 crore people are experiencing starvation. “Despite promises from world leaders that there will never be a famine again in the 21st century, Somalia is once again facing famine,” he said. Worldwide, 50 million people in 45 countries are on the verge of starvation.

19,700 people die everyday

The NGOs said that around 19,700 people are estimated to die of hunger every day. This means one person is dying of hunger every 4 seconds. Mohana Ahmed Ali Eljabali of Yemen Family Care Association, who signed the open letter, said in the statement, “It is very shameful that in the 21st-century agriculture and harvesting techniques are being used. I am still talking about famine today.

He said, it is not about one country or one continent. It is about injustice to the entire humanity. We should not wait a moment to focus on providing life saving food and long term support so that people can think about their future and support themselves and their families.

Earlier it was told by the World Food Program that there are about 69 crore people in the world who do not get dinner. This problem of hunger is more in middle and low income countries (which are called under developed countries). This problem has increased due to the epidemic of Kovid-19 because due to this people of many countries have lost their livelihood. It was also told that now due to the Ukraine war, these conditions are getting worse.

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