Nobel Prize 2022: Swedish scientist Svante Paabo received the Nobel Prize in Medicine

Thomas Perlman, secretary of the Nobel Committee for Medicine, said that Pabo was surprised to receive this award and his happiness knew no bounds. Pabo’s father, the biochemist sune bergström, has also won the Nobel Prize.

Svante Paabo has won the Nobel Prize for his discoveries in the medical world. He did research for genomes of extinct hominins and human evolution related to human origin. The committee that gave this award gave this information on Monday. This award is the most respected in the world of science. It was awarded by the Nobel Assembly of the Swedish Karolinska Institute. Under this award, 10 million kronor (Swedish currency) (about Rs 8.5 crore) was given. The Nobel Prizes to be given this year have been started from today, 3 October. 

Thomas Perlman, secretary of the Nobel Committee for Medicine, told that Pabo was surprised to receive this award, his happiness knew no bounds. Pabo’s father, the biochemist Sune Bergstrm, has also won the Nobel Prize.

Last year’s Medicine Prize went to American scientists David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian. He discovered the receptor in human skin. These receptors have the ability to convert physical effects into nerve impulses in addition to the sensation of temperature and touch. Before this, there has been a famous researcher who won the Nobel Prize in this field. Among them is Alexander Fleming, who won the 1945 Prize, who discovered penicillin. Apart from this, Robert Koch, who did the investigation on tuberculosis, was awarded this award in 1905.


He worked on sequencing the Neanderthal genome to search for the link between extinct mankind and modern mankind.

Presence of previously unknown human species Denisovans detected

Research was done on 40,000 year old finger bone fragments found in Siberia

The Nobel Prize was mentioned in the will of Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel. The award was given for the first time in 1901 on his fifth death anniversary. Initially this award was given only for science, literature and peace. Later this award was also started in the world of Artha. 

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