Nepal Plane Crash: Human error likely to have caused Nepal plane crash that killed many – report

According to the 14-page report, the cause of the accident is being told as human error. This report has been posted on the website of the Ministry of Tourism Culture and Civil Aviation of Nepal.

There has been a major disclosure in the preliminary investigation report in the plane crash that took place in Nepal last month. According to the 14-page report, the cause of the accident is being told as human error. The report has been posted on the website of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation of Nepal.

The report contained several revelations, including engine power failure, engine shutdown due to pull of a lever, and sending the same crew on a third flight in a row.

The accident happened on 15 January

Let us inform that on January 15 last month, Yeti Airlines aircraft ATR-72 had crashed in Pokhara, Nepal. 71 people including five Indians were killed in the accident.

There were 72 people on board the aircraft, including four crew members. Rescuers recovered 71 bodies, while the other missing passengers were presumed dead. The ATR-72 had taken off from Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu at 10.33 am. The plane crashed on the banks of Seti river between the old and new airport while landing at Pokhara airport.

A five-member committee was constituted to investigate the plane crash. A member of the committee said on the condition of anonymity that the human factor in the accident cannot be ignored, but it is a matter of investigation.

The report mentioned that no discrepancy was observed in all the recorded parameters related to the engines as per the Flight Data Recorder (FDR). When the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) cleared the aircraft to land at 10: 57: 07, the Pilot Flying (PF) reported twice about engine power failure.

The visibility at the time of the accident was 6 km and the sky was almost clear. According to experts, the pilots inadvertently pulled the lever by mistake, due to which the engine stalled. Explain that the work of the lever is to start and stop the fuel supply. Apart from this, the speed has to be controlled for the engine. Investigators said they found the lever pulled down at the crash site.

Pilots did not follow routine checklist

A member of the inquiry committee said that we are waiting for the detailed report. At the moment we cannot find out what happened before that. The member said that yes, there is a problem with the flaps as questions are being raised as to why the pilots delayed raising the flaps and why the routine checklist was not followed.

Flight crew’s third flight

According to initial reports, the crew flying the plane was on its third flight in a row. The flight crew had made two sorties between Kathmandu and Pokhara in the morning before the plane crashed. The two captains in the crashed plane were Anju Khatiwada and Kamal KC.

The flight crew that flew to Pokhara was normal. According to the report, the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) did not record the flap surface movement. When the ATC cleared the landing, Captain Khatiwada told twice that there was no power in the engines. As per reports, the certificate of airworthiness of the aircraft was valid till April 24, 2023.

The airport was inaugurated in a hurry

According to the information, the airport built with the help of China was inaugurated in a hurry. To meet the project deadline of January 1, it was carried out without preparation. The calibration report is due to be published on 26 February. According to experts, airlines have less knowledge of airport procedures and data.

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