liz Truss Britain: Why did British Prime Minister Liz Truss's popularity fall so quickly?

liz Truss Britain: According to the survey report, Prime Minister Truss’s approval rating (number of people satisfied with his work) is minus 47. This level of dissatisfaction was never seen among the people with the work of Johnson or his predecessor Theresa May.

British Prime Minister Liz Truss’s popularity has gone even lower than that of her predecessor, Boris Johnson. Liz Truss is currently even less popular than Boris Johnson’s lowest level of popularity was during his tenure. Johnson’s popularity peaked at the time of the Partygate scandal. Partygate refers to the incident in which it was revealed that when there was complete lockdown due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Christmas was celebrated with pomp in the Prime Minister’s residence. 

The most recent survey about the popularity of the truss appeared in the Observer newspaper on Sunday. According to observers, this survey has raised the concern of MPs of the ruling Conservative Party. According to this survey report, the approval rating (number of people satisfied with their work) of Prime Minister’s Truss is minus 47. This level of dissatisfaction had never been seen among the people with the work of Johnson or his predecessor Theresa May. Analysts say this means that although the Tory party reposed heavy confidence in the truce early last month, the prime minister’s image among voters is deteriorating. 

The now withdrawn tax cut policy of the Truss Government proved to be extremely damaging to the Prime Minister’s image. Due to this, his popularity dropped by 10 percent in the last week alone. Now the situation is that more than 63 percent people are dissatisfied with the work of the truss, while the number of satisfied people has come down to only 16 percent. All this means that his popularity has gone up to -47. The biggest concern for the Conservative Party is that Truss’s popularity has fallen sharply among the Pro-Brexit sections. These are the sections who voted overwhelmingly for the Conservative Party in the 2019 general election. The last general election was contested by Johnson on a promise to complete the process of Brexit (Britain’s exit from the European Union)

Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarteng has fallen in his government even more than the truss approval rating. The general belief is that Kwarteng had planned to give billions of pounds of tax exemption amid increasing pressure on the treasury. The cut led to an unprecedented fall in the price of UK government bonds last week. After that the British Central Bank – the Bank of England took the extraordinary step of buying bonds worth about 45 billion pounds. Kwarteng approval rating is currently minus 51.

In view of this attitude of public opinion, now the MPs of the Conservative Party have also started speaking openly against the economic policies of the Truss government. Rather, a survey conducted among MPs revealed that 53 percent of MPs want the Prime Minister to resign immediately. Whereas only 25 per cent of the MPs expressed the opinion that the truss should remain in office.

Adam Drummond, associate director of opinion poll agency Opinium, told The Guardian that politicians usually gain popularity when unpopular decisions are withdrawn. But the truss has not got its benefit. Perhaps people are thinking that they are not capable or strong leaders.

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