King Charles' wife Camilla will be known as 'Queen', Invitation letters will be sent to 2,000 guests

Camilla, wife of Britain’s King Charles III, has been officially recognized as ‘Queen Camilla’. Actually, Buckingham Palace has used the word ‘Queen’ in front of Camilla’s name and with this she will be known as ‘Queen Camilla’.

When will the coronation ceremony take place?

King Charles III’s coronation ceremony will take place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey. During this, Camilla will also be coronated and both will be crowned. The invitation letter for the event uses the word ‘Queen’ along with Camilla’s name.

Prior to this, Camilla was being addressed as Queen Consort, but in medieval-style invitations, she is given the status of Queen.

Jill Biden will attend the Coronation Program

Explain that the invitation letter for the coronation program of Charles III will be sent to more than 2,000 guests. It may also include the name of India’s President Draupadi Murmu, while it is believed that Jill Biden, wife of US President Joe Biden, will attend the event. The White House had given information about this by issuing a statement.

After the break-up of the marriage of the late Princess Diana and Charles III, Camilla was blamed for it and she had to face a lot of criticism because of it. In such a situation, this title means a lot to him.

The Palace announced ahead of the coronation that Prince George, 9, and Camilla, Charles’ eldest grandson, will be part of four ‘pages of honour’ walking alongside Charles. The Page of Honor is a ceremonial position in the British Royal Family.

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