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Kerch Bridge is not only important for connecting Russia with Crimea, there is a supply line for Mosco as well – The Asia Saga

Kerch Bridge is not only important for connecting Russia with Crimea, there is a supply line for Mosco as well

kerch bridge blast The bridge connecting Russia and Crimea, on which there was a massive explosion, is actually a supply line to Moscow. From here the equipment needed by the soldiers is sent to Crimea.

Moscow has been shocked by the explosion on the Kerch Bridge connecting Russia and Crimea. This bridge is important not only because it used to connect Russia and Crimea, but it was also a supply line for the Russian army. While Russia is blaming Ukraine for this, Ukraine has not taken any responsibility for it. Russia’s Foreign Ministry has called it a terrorist act, pointing to Ukraine.

Europe’s longest bridge

The Kerch Bridge connects the Crimean peninsula with the Krasnodar Krai of Russia. The 19 km long bridge had cost around $3.6 billion to build. This bridge connecting Crimea and Russia is the longest bridge in Europe. This bridge not only symbolizes the strong relationship between the two, but its design is also very special. On its way, Russia is directly connected to the Black Sea. However, Ukraine has always been an attacker on Russia over the passage of large ships on the Kerch Strait. 

Russia’s supply line is this bridge

This bridge has also been very special for the movement of the Russian army in Crimea. This has been the supply line of the Russian army present in Crimea. Whether it is about zaporizhia or Kherson’s Russia has been supplying its army and their equipment through this route. Russia occupied these areas shortly after the attack on Ukraine.

Strategically important bridge

Russia’s intention was to annex Crimea with Luhansk and Donetsk. Large-scale protests against Ukraine have been taking place in these areas since 2014. As far as the blast on this bridge is concerned, which experts say that it could be the result of the Ukrainian attack. Experts say that while this bridge had strategic meaning for Russia, for Ukraine it was a reminder of the annexation of Crimea. Apart from trains, this bridge is also a major means of movement of trains. That’s why Ukraine was watching this for a long time. However, Ukraine has not claimed any responsibility for the attack on the bridge. Russia says three people have died in the blast. A part of the bridge collapsed after the blast. 

Russia’s supply line cut

Mike Martin, King’s College in London, says that by damaging the bridge, Ukraine could be quite successful in cutting off the Russian army and its supply line. He also says that Ukraine has also talked about getting back every area it lost for the past few months and is also trying to do it. Crimea is also one of them, which Russia annexed in 2014. The explosion on this bridge happened a day after the birthday of President Putin. 

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