J&10C vs Rafale: Chinese J&10C fighter jets joined the Pakistani Air Force to give a tough competition to the Indian Rafale, know which is more powerful

J-10C vs Rafale Let us know what is the difference between Rafale and China’s J-10C aircraft. Will Pakistan be able to compete with the Indian Rafale from the Chinese J-10C? Which of the two planes is more powerful? Pakistan has also got the second consignment of Chinese J-10C fighter jets.

J-10C vs Rafale: To deal with Rafale in the Indian Air Force, Pakistan has included a new batch of J-10C of China in its Air Force. Pakistan’s fear of Rafale was such that the then Imran government had finalized this defense deal with China despite the opposition of many MPs. Let us know what is the difference between Rafale and China’s J-10C aircraft. Will Pakistan be able to compete with the Indian Rafale from the Chinese J-10C? Which is the more powerful of the two planes. 

1- Pakistan has also got the second consignment of Chinese J-10C fighter jet, which competes with the French fighter aircraft Rafale included in the Indian Air Force. According to reports, now the number of these fighter aircraft with the Pakistan Air Force has increased to a dozen. The need was felt by the Pakistani Air Force after the deployment of the Indian Rafale. Pak has bought these fighters from China to strengthen its army. 

2- It is one of the strongest weapons the Pakistani Air Force has. Pakistan received the first consignment from China in the month of March, which included six fighter jets. After this, after getting six more fighter jets in the second consignment, their number has increased to 12. After the introduction of Rafale in the Indian Air Force, the J-10C fighter jet defense deal was signed between Pakistan and China in the year 2021. In December 2021, the Government of Pakistan announced that a deal has been made with China to buy 25 J-10C fighter jets. 

3- After getting Rafale, the Indian Air Force was equipped with advanced technology, but now Pakistan’s name has also been included in this list due to getting J-10C. The Pakistan Army inducted J-10C aircraft into its security fleet. In March, Pakistan received the first consignment of fighter jets from China. After receiving the consignment of J-10C planes, the then PM Imran Khan had said that now any country will have to think twice before attacking Pakistan. Imran had said that Pakistan’s armed forces are well equipped and trained to defeat any threat. 

Chinese J-10C aircraft protested in Pakistan Parliament

This defense deal of Pakistan with China has been in dispute. China claims that the J-10C aircraft is one of the best fighter jets in the world, but a Pakistani parliamentarian himself raised serious questions about its capability. Afnan Ullah Khan, a senator from Pakistan and leader of the Muslim League Nawaz faction, had opposed the purchase of J-10C. He said that the logic of buying Chinese aircraft is not understood. The J-10 is already present in the Pakistan Air Force and the new aircraft is an upgraded version of it. However, the then Imran Khan government of Pakistan, frightened by India’s Rafale fighter jet, bought an entire squadron of 25 J-10 fighter jets from China, bypassing the opposition of its own MP. 

Features of Rafale Fighter Jet

1- Rafale has been manufactured according to the defense needs of India. Rafale is also capable of carrying nuclear weapons. It is capable of carrying a weight of up to 24,500 kg and can fly an additional 60 hours. Its speed is 2,223 kilometers per hour. The Rafale aircraft equipped with Meteor missiles can shoot down an aircraft like F-16 from a distance of 120 km. This aircraft can carry four missiles simultaneously. The length of Rafale is 15.30 meters and height is 5.30 meters. Rafale is the ideal aircraft for flying in mountainous areas. 

2- Rafale is equipped with Beyond Visual Range missiles in India. That is, without seeing the target plane, it can be flown. The Rafale has an active radar seeker, which provides the facility to operate the jet in any weather. Missiles like the Scalp Missile or Storm Shadow can easily destroy any bunker.

3- Rafale is such a fighter aircraft that can be sent on at least seven types of missions. It can reach a height of 60 thousand feet in a minute. Its fuel capacity is 17 thousand kg. The Rafale jet is capable of performing multiple tasks simultaneously in all types of weather, hence it is also known as multirole fighter aircraft. It has Scalp missile which is capable of air-to-ground strikes up to 600 km.

Difference between India’s Rafale and J-10C

India’s Rafale and Pakistan’s J-10C aircraft, both fighter jets belong to the 4.5 generation. The Rafale has been used in combat operations in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Mali, while the J-10C does not have this experience. Rafale has the capability of high range missile in which the world’s most dangerous Mica and IIR imaging infrared missile can be loaded, while the Chinese J-10C has lower range missile capability. It can be loaded only with missiles like PL-8/9. The firepower of Rafale is high, while the firepower of J-10C is less. Another feature of Rafale is that nuclear missiles can also be fired from it, whereas J-10C does not have this feature. 

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