Israel protest: Demonstration in Israel against Benjamin Netanyahu, more than 80 thousand people took to the street

Israel protest: thousands of people in Israel have taken to the streets to protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government in Let Aviv late on January 14. Protesters compared the Israeli prime minister to Russian President Vladimir Putin Fro.

Thousands of people in Israel took to the streets late on January 14 in Let Aviv to protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government. According to CNN, more than 80,000 people are taking to the streets to protest against proposed changes to Israel’s government and judicial system. 

Netanyahu was compared to Russian President Vladimir Putin

Protesters compared the Israeli prime minister to Russian President Vladimir Putin. People claim that Israel was like semi-democratic Hungary and theocratic Iran. Despite heavy rain, protesters gathered at Habima Square in central Tel Aviv and blocked the streets, CNN reported, citing local Israeli media. Many people have also taken to the streets in Jerusalem for a similar protest. 

‘An unchecked assault on the legal system’

The proposed amendment, according to Israel’s Supreme Court President Esther Hayat, is “an unrelenting attack on the legal system” and “intended to strike a fatal blow at the independence of the judicial system.”

The reforms introduced last week by Israel’s Justice Minister Yariv Levin would aim to reform Supreme Court nominees through a review committee and give parliament the right to reject Supreme Court decisions. 

Worried about the future of israel

The protesters told CNN they are concerned for Israel’s future and have come to send a message to Netanyahu that the public will not tolerate what they see as the rebuilding of Israel’s democracy. 

Order to remove Palestinian flags

Recently, Israel’s new far-right Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir ordered police to remove Palestinian flags from public areas, Al Jazeera reported. They believe that they constitute ‘terrorism’. Ben-Gvir issued the order to remove the flags after some protesters raised Palestinian flags during anti-government protests in Tel Aviv. 

Likud party leader Benjamin Netanyahu

Likud party leader Benjamin Netanyahu was sworn in as PM on 29 December in hopes of delivering political stability following five general elections since 2019. Netanyahu, 73, was sworn in after Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, passed a vote of confidence in his new government. Let us tell you that this is the sixth government led by Netanyahu, who remains the longest serving PM of the country. The report claimed that the government would be Pro-Netanyahu and “the most hardline the country has ever seen”.

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