Israel: President Isaac Herzog receives the official results of the elections

The Central Election Committee said that they have approved the results of the election. After which the election process has been officially ended. Meanwhile, the committee thanked the people of Israel for coming out to vote for the fifth time in a span of only four years.

The ‘Likud’ political party of Israel has won the general elections. After which it was clear that Benjamin Netanyahu would once again take over the power of Israel. On Wednesday, Israel’s President Isaac Herzog received the official results of the recently held Knesset elections from the country’s top election body. He will then consult with the leaders of the winning party to initiate the process of forming the next government in the country. 

The President’s Office of Israel gave this information through a tweet on Wednesday. In a tweet, the President’s Office said that “President Isaac Herzog met the Chairman of the Central Elections Committee, Justice Yitzhak Amit, at the President’s residence today to receive the official results of the twenty-fifth Knesset election.” The President’s Office further said that after this, discussions will now begin with the winning factions. 

The Central Election Committee approved the results early in the morning. After which the election process has been officially ended. Meanwhile, the committee thanked the people of Israel for coming out to vote for the fifth time in a span of only four years. The committee said that by participating in the election, people expressed confidence in Israel’s democracy, the election process in the State of Israel and the Central Election Committee.

Israel’s Central Election Committee announced the results of the 25th Knesset elections last week. In these elections, Netanyahu defeated the party of the incumbent PM Yer Lapid in the elections. After the results were released, Lapid accepted his defeat and congratulated Netanyahu for the victory. Netanyahu’s party’s Likud party and its far-right and religious allies won 64 seats in the 120-member Israeli parliament in the general elections. 

Yair Lapid congratulates Netanyahu

Israel Prime Minister Yair Lapid congrats former Prime Minister Netanyahu. According to Yair Lapid Netanyahu had instructed all departments in the Prime Minister’s office to prepare an orderly transfer of power. Yair Lapid said that “the nation of Israel is above any political consideration. I wish Netanyahu all the best for Israel and the people of Israel.”

This is an unprecedented fifth election in Israel since 2019, as the country’s political system has been stagnant for nearly four years. Israel has 120 seats in the parliament. According to data released by the Central Elections Committee, more than 6.7 million (67 lakh) eligible voters cast their votes in 12,495 ballots. Around 18,000 police officers were deployed across the country to deter fraud attempts, manage traffic and maintain security. Netanyahu served as prime minister for 12 consecutive years before being ousted by the cross-partisan coalition led by current PM Yair Lapid in June 2021.

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