International Day of Sign Languages: Millions of people use sign language, maybe you do not know the benefits of learning it

International Sign Language Day is celebrated every year on 23 September internationally to increase awareness among people about sign language.

International Day of Sign Languages ​​23 September: Do you know Sign Language? This is a wonderful thing that shares the words of millions of people with the world in a moment, who are unable to speak their mind due to any physical disability. International Day of Sign Language Day is celebrated every year on 23 September. This year this day is being celebrated with a new theme. This year’s theme is ‘Sign Languages ​​Unite Us’.

Miracle of signs

In this one person says everything without speaking to another person. In this, you use signals to explain your point to the other person. For example, people who are not able to hear and speak, they communicate with the help of facial and body gestures apart from their hands. This sign language is called sign language. Just as every language has its own grammar and rules, similarly sign language also has its own course.

Millions of people use this method of communication

According to the United Nations (UN), this day is celebrated to support and protect the linguistic identity and cultural diversity of all the deaf and deaf people of the world and other people who use sign language. In Britain, it is the fourth most used language. Be it inside India or across the seven seas, millions of people around the world use this sign language fiercely. This is also because many people learn this language because of helping others. So there are many people who learn it for the purpose of increasing their knowledge. That is, they want to know how to communicate using it.

How is this language?

It is not as complex as natural sign language and has a limited vocabulary. Sign language is not as difficult as it seems to express or explain your point of view. If you have a good professional teacher then there is no problem in learning this language. The use of sign languages ​​has been recognized by the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

In childhood, all of us must have talked to each other in the language of signs in sports or the caress of family members or seen and heard someone else doing this at some time or the other, but on the contrary, this language is the biggest language of those people’s lives. Sahara is those who are unable to express themselves with their own tongue.

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