India&US Tension: Tension increased between India and America regarding F&16, is the Biden administration close to Pakistan? Know & Experts Views

F-16 and India-US Tension In such a situation, the question arises whether the F-16 will affect Indo-US relations. Why is India upset with this decision? Will Pakistan and America come closer to each other after this decision? What are the diplomatic implications of this.

F-16 and India-US Tension: India has strongly objected to the financial help given by America to Pakistan to strengthen its security. The Biden administration last week approved a $450 million package for the maintenance of Pakistan’s old F-16 fighter aircraft. India has expressed its strong displeasure over this decision of the Biden administration. India argues that the US should have taken such a decision before taking it into confidence, but the Biden administration did not consider it appropriate to share such information. In such a situation, the question arises whether the F-16 will affect India-US relations. Why is India upset with this decision? Will Pakistan and America come closer to each other after this decision? What are the diplomatic implications of this? 

1- Foreign affairs expert Prof Harsh V Pant says that the relationship between India and Pakistan is tense. There is a big difference of opinion between the two countries on many issues. In such a situation, it is a diplomatic limitation to consult India before providing any kind of military facility to the Pakistani army. Especially in such a situation when there is a cordial relationship between America and India. Both are strategic partners. India is a member of the US-led Quad. In such a situation, India would be expected to share such information with America. 

2-There was a deal between Pakistan and America on the 2016 F-16 fighter jet. This defense deal between the two countries was dangerous for India’s strategic interests. The then US President Barack Obama had given the green signal to this defense deal. The Obama administration had decided to sell eight F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan worth around $700 million. At that time, India summoned US Ambassador Richard Verma to express its unhappiness and disappointment over the Obama administration’s decision to sell F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan. 

3- The announcement of the package for fighter jets by America is going to be a big blow. Actually, the Biden administration has reversed the decision of the then President Donald Trump in the year 2018 through this decision. The Trump administration had categorically refused to provide security assistance to Pakistan and said that Pakistan is not helping America in the fight against terrorism. During Trump’s tenure, relations between Pakistan and America had become very tense. A major reason for this has also been the proximity of Pakistan and China. A long stretch had started between America and Pakistan regarding this.

4- He said that America has tried to strengthen the Pakistani army by providing this amount to Pakistan. This has dealt a big blow to the relations between India and America. This decision of America also raises questions about its credibility. Especially when Pakistan is already a close friend of China. Pakistan buys 47 percent of its weapons from China. This fighter aircraft F-16 was used by Pakistan against India during the Balakot strike. However, America had strongly objected to this move of Pakistan. 

What is America’s cleanliness?

Donald Lu, a US official, said that no aircraft or any weapon was involved in the aid given to Pakistan. This help has been given to Pakistan only so that it can maintain its security weapons. America said that Pakistan will help America in its fight against terrorism through this amount. This will strengthen America’s national security and foreign policy. By saying this he has indicated to India that this is not a military aid. Without naming India, he has said that this aid is not military aid. 

What are the features of F-16 What are the features of F-16

The Pak Air Force has American F-16s. It is a multirole fighter aircraft] which leads the Pakistan Army. The Falcon F-16 is a multirole fighter plane made by the Lockheed Martin Company. The F-16 has a single engine. Its length is 49 feet 5 inches and width is 32 feet 8 inches. The F-16 is capable of flying up to a maximum altitude of 50,000 feet. Weight at takeoff is 17009.7 kg. The F-16 aircraft is capable of covering a distance of up to 4200 km once taken off. The speed of the F-16 aircraft is 2500 km / h. The firepower of the F-16 aircraft is more than 2000 miles. The F-16 aircraft is capable of carrying an M-61A1 20mm multibarrel cannon with 500 rounds, 6 air to air, 2 air to ground simultaneously

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