Imran Khan has been lying continuously & US State Department

America has once again denied the claims of Imran Khan in which he has held America responsible for the change of power in the country. America has said that by doing this they are spreading false news.

America has once again rejected the claims of former Pakistan PM Imran Khan, in which he said that America has supported him in removing him from power. America has told the claims of Imran Khan as a lie. US State Department Spokesperson Vedant Patel said that the statement about American conspiracy in regime change in Pakistan is totally irresponsible and false. By giving such statements, Imran Khan is continuously spreading false propaganda towards America in the country and the world. 

Patel said that there is no truth in Imran Khan’s statement. He gave this statement during a press briefing in response to questions about Pakistan. Significantly, Imran Khan was removed from the post of PM after a no-confidence motion in April. Soon after this, Imran called it a conspiracy and told America’s hand in it. Imran Khan has been continuously saying this in almost every rally. Imran Khan has been continuously accusing America of conspiring against Pakistan. 

Imran Khan gave an interview

Let us also tell you here that in a recent interview, Imran Khan had said that he will no longer make any more allegations against America. He also said that he only wants better relations between Pakistan and America. In this interview, he also said that he believed that America had conspired behind his removal. Significantly, since April, Imran Khan has been engaged in besieging the government and America. He has made many allegations against the government. In the past, he has also accused PM Shahbaz Sharif and others for the attack on him.

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