HARM Missile: America's HARM missile increased its status in the Ukraine war, its demand is increasing in the US Army, know its features

HARM Missile During the Ukraine war, there is a lot of discussion about the American HARM missile. Why has the US military demanded more of it? In such a situation, the question arises that what kind of missile is AGM-88 HARM. What will be its effect in the ongoing war in Russia-Ukraine.

HARM Missile: During the Russia-Ukraine war, there is a lot of discussion about the American HARM missile. The Russian army and its weapons have been battered in this war. The Ukrainian army now appears to be in an aggressive mood. There is also a discussion of UK weapons in this development.

Among these weapons, there is a special discussion of the American HARM anti-radar missile. This anti-radar missile dominated the Russian S-400. In view of its usefulness during this war, the US Army is also considering increasing the number of HARM missiles.

In such a situation, the question arises that what are the characteristics of this anti-radar missile of America. After all, why has the US military demanded more of this? In such a situation, the question arises that what type of missile is AGM-88 HARM. What will be its effect in the ongoing war in Russia-Ukraine. Why did the US give this anti-radar missile to Ukraine to use against Russia? Also what are the features of this missile?

Russia accuses NATO and America

This missile was also discussed at a time when Russia accused the US and NATO of giving dangerous weapons to Ukraine. After this, the US confirmed that the Biden administration had supplied some anti-radar missiles to Ukraine. These can be fired from some Ukrainian Air Force aircraft. The statement justified Russia’s allegations that an American anti-radar missile AGM-88 HARM, which is part of NATO’s weapons list, has been used during the war. Russia claims that the remains of an AGM-88 HARM have been found near a Russian surface-to-air missile site. 

Its features

1 AGM-88 HARM is an air-to-surface anti-radar missile. The full name of this missile is High-Speed ​​Anti-Radiation Missile. It is a weapon fired from fighter planes. It has the capability to detect the radiation emitted by enemy radar stations. This missile has the ability to enter such places of the enemy and strike. That is, it is an effective missile to deal with the Russian S-400. 

2 The length of this missile is 14 meters. Its diameter is only 10 inches. Its weight is about 360 kg. It has a fragmentation type warhead which is optimized for radar targets. It also incorporates an anti-radar homing seeker broadband RF antenna and receiver and a solid state digital processor. The missile has a range of more than 100 km.

3 The US approved the HARM missile for full production in March 1983. In 1991, the HARM was used extensively by the US Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force in Operation Desert Storm during the Gulf War. In 2013, the then US President Barack Obama offered the AGM-88 to Israel for the first time. In November 2005, the Italian Ministry of Defense and the US Department of Defense reached an agreement on the joint development of this missile. In December 2019, the German Air Force has also given a green signal to the army to take this missile. 

4 This missile was developed by Texas Instruments of America. It is now manufactured with some modifications by the leading US defense contractor Raytheon Corporation. It is an air-to-surface anti-radar missile. The specialty of this missile is that it is capable of penetrating the enemy’s radar system. It can detect and destroy the emitted radiation coming from enemy radar. 

NATO stealth aid to Ukrainian Air Force

A CNN report said that this is the first time in the Russo-Ukraine war that the weapon has been confirmed to have been used by a military other than the US. However, given the limited number of aircraft in the Ukrainian Air Force, its usefulness is questionable. The report also said that Ukraine does not have aircraft known to be used with missiles. There is speculation that the missiles may have been fired by NATO aircraft covertly supporting the Ukrainian military in combat roles. 

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