Gas Cylinder Blast: Nine people including four children died, one missing in Russia apartment collapse

Nine people, including four children, were killed when part of a five-story apartment building collapsed on Russia’s Pacific island of Sakhalin. At the same time, one person is still missing and his search is on.

Part of a five-story apartment building collapsed on Russia’s Pacific island of Sakhalin, killing nine people, including four children, after being buried under the debris. At the same time, one person is still missing and his search is on. The governor informed about this incident on Saturday.

Part of a five-story building in village of Tymovskoye collapsed after a gas cylinder exploded in an apartment at 5: 30 a.m. Moscow time, officials said. 

Meanwhile, Sakhalin government Valery Limarenko wrote in a telegram that rescuers are searching for other victims under the rubble. Some of the 33 people living in the building were untraceable, he said. 

The tASS news agency quoted a source in the emergency services as saying that a 20-liter gas cylinder had exploded, causing part of the apartment to collapse. At the same time, the Investigative Committee of Russia said that it is investigating the causes of the disaster. 

According to Limarenko, residents affected by the explosion have been offered temporary shelter and families who lost their homes will be paid 500,000 rubles ($8,217). He said relatives of those killed were expected to receive 1 million rubles ($16,434).

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