floods in Pakistan: The people affected by the floods in Pakistan are angry with the government for not getting the necessary help

Umar Ali, a resident of Matta, questioned the government’s inaction. Ali said that the Matta area is cut off from all sides. People are stranded for the last five to six days. They do not have food and the government has not taken any step till now.

Pakistan is facing terrible floods : So far 1,186 people have died in Pakistan due to floods. There is a lot of resentment among the people against the government for not getting proper help to the flood affected people. The floods have disrupted the lives of the people. There is now a threat to food security and the economy before the government.

The flood-affected people have been fiercely criticized for not getting the right help from the Islamabad government. According to the report of Al Arabiya Post, people affected by the flood have come out on the road. There have been protests over the lack of help from the government. Everything including their houses has been destroyed in the flood. 

Razzaq Shahid, 60, from Punjab’s Fazilpur said, “There is no electricity in my own town for five days. People need camping, medicine, food, mosquito nets, water purifiers and other items. None of these are sufficiently available.

The government has not taken any steps yet

Meanwhile, Umar Ali, another resident of Matta in Swat Valley, questioned the government’s inaction. Ali said, ‘Matta area is cut off from all sides. People are stuck for the last five to six days and diseases are spreading. They do not have food and the government has not taken any step till now.

Altaf Hussain, a farmer from Sindh, said, “There is nothing left for us (in the village). My house, agricultural land, standing cotton crop, everything is gone. 

The floods have affected more than 33 million people. Farms, infrastructure projects and villages have all been destroyed by the floods.

Many countries including America started sending help to Pakistan

In such a situation, many international agencies have come forward to help Pakistan and help the country. Countries like United Nations, US and China have started sending humanitarian aid to Pakistan. Meanwhile, the flood-affected and stranded people said that they were not getting enough help from the Pakistani authorities. 

At the same time, Mihrajuddin Khan, a school teacher from Swat Valley said, ‘We have lost everything. We only managed to save our lives. Nobody came to us. We are being treated like orphans.

Food and drink became more expensive in Pakistan

Significantly, due to the fall in foreign exchange reserves and disruptions in commodity markets due to floods in Pakistan, the inflation rate has reached 44.58 percent. Essential food items like onions, tomatoes and potatoes have seen weekly growth of 43.9 per cent, 41.13 per cent and 6.23 per cent respectively. 

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