Five skeletons found from a mass grave in Kandahar, Afghanistan were buried 10&15 years ago

Skeletons have been found in Afghanistan. He was buried 10 to 15 years ago. Zaid said that the local residents say that many crimes have happened here. Mass graves continue to be found in Afghanistan, especially in Kandahar.

Skeletons of five people have been recovered from a mass grave in Kandahar province of Afghanistan. Officials said the skeletons were found in Daman district of the province on Thursday. Tolo News quoted Haji Zaid, the spokesman for the Kandahar governor, as saying that those whose skeletons were found were buried 10 to 15 years ago.

Graves found in Kandahar

Zaid said, “Local residents say that many crimes have taken place here. Mass graves continue to be found in Afghanistan, especially in Kandahar. Many of these graves have been found after the Taliban took over the power of the country. Earlier in September, the skeletons of 12 people were found in the Spin Boldak area adjacent to the Pakistan border in Kandahar. 

Culprits should be punished

Sardar Agha, a resident of Kandahar, asked the authorities to investigate the horrific case. Another Kandahar resident Abdul Rauf Azim said, “It is very difficult to trace the culprits. This incident should be investigated and the culprits should be identified and punished.

Britain donated millions of dollars before winter

Britain donated $28 million to Afghanistan Britain has donated $28 million to Afghanistan before winter. The United Nations World Food Program has welcomed the help of the British government. This amount will be spent on food and other needs for 15 million people of Afghanistan.

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