Europe be prepared for trouble in the cold; Zelensky warns, Russia preparing to create serious energy crisis in European countries

Russia has waged an energy war against Western countries. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned European countries. He has said that Russia is preparing to create a serious energy crisis in Europe.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has asked Europe to be prepared to face difficulties in cold weather.  This will be due to Russia not giving gas to Europe.  Zelensky said Russia is preparing to create a serious energy crisis for Europe.  The Ukrainian President said this after Russia cut off gas supply to Europe from the Nord Stream One pipeline.  Gas supply has been closed indefinitely since Wednesday.  Russia has cited technical glitches as the reason.

Action in response to sanctions

 European countries, along with the US, have imposed tough economic sanctions on Russia in protest against Russia’s attack on Ukraine.  In response, Russia is believed to have started reducing gas supplies to Europe from the end of June.  Now that the winter season is near, Russia has completely cut off the gas supply.

European countries make electricity from gas

 It is noteworthy that in European countries, electricity is made from gas and gas is also used as a fuel in industries.  The world’s richest G-7 countries have announced a lower price for Russian oil, but they have not yet been able to make a concrete announcement for it.

Citing technical reasons

Russia has cited technical reasons for cutting off gas supplies to Europe.  Russia has made serious allegations against the German company Siemens.  Russia has said that Siemens is not cooperating with gas-supplying Nord Stream One pipeline defect.  However, Siemens has denied Russia’s allegations.

 Japorizia nuclear plant threatened by shelling

German Chancellor Olaf Schultz has said his government is planning alternatives if Russian gas supplies stop.  She will proceed on those same options.  Russia cannot be our long-term ally in the energy sector.  Meanwhile, the power of the Zaporizhia nuclear plant has not been started yet due to the shelling.  Yes, the plant is getting the required power supply under emergency arrangements.

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