Ecuador: Violent clashes between prisoners in Latakunga prison, 15 dies; 21 injured

Ecuador News There has been a big clash between prisoners in a prison in Ecuador. 15 prisoners have been killed in the clash. 21 prisoners were also injured in the incident. For now, security has been restored in the area.

Violent clashes broke out between prisoners in an Ecuadorian prison. 15 prisoners have died in this clash. The SNAI agency of Ecuador has given this information. According to the news, 21 people have also been injured in the clash. This incident is being told of Latakunga.

President Guillermo Lasso has given the reason for the clash between prisoners and different gangs. He told that this clash took place over the possession of drug smuggling routes and areas. 

Treatment of the injured going on in the hospital of Latakunga

Officials said the agencies concerned are trying to identify the bodies. The governor of Cotopaxi province, Oswaldo Coronel, told reporters that security had been restored. The governor said that according to forensic information received from the National Police, 15 people have died in the clash. Apart from this, a total of 21 people have been injured. The injured are being treated at the hospital in Latakunga. 

316 prisoners dies last year

Let us tell you that 316 prisoners were killed in clashes in various prisons of Ecuador last year. In July this year, 13 inmates were killed in a prison in Santa Domingo. 43 people had died in the clashes that took place before this incident.

Ecuadorian prisons over capacity

The Inter Commission for Human Officers said that the prison system in Ecuador is very poor. According to official figures, about 33,500 people live in the country’s prisons. The number of prisoners is 11.3% more than the maximum capacity. 

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