COVID&19 in China: Lockdown in Shanghai, Government conducting corona test for 1.3 million people

Coronavirus cases are increasing in Shanghai, China’s largest city. Frightened by just getting a few cases of Corona, China has announced a lockdown in Shanghai. The people here have also been ordered to undergo a corona test.

Coronavirus is once again starting to spread its feet in China. Millions of people have got corona positive. Along with this, lakhs of people have also lost their lives in the last 2 years due to Corona, China is now terrified by just getting a few cases of Corona and has announced a lockdown in Shanghai. 

13 lakh people will have to undergo corona test

Frightened by the new cases of corona found in Shanghai’s Yangpu district, the Chinese administration has ordered all 1.3 million people there to undergo a mass corona test. With this, the administration issued a strict order saying that till the results of the corona test are not received, they will have to remain imprisoned in their homes. 

The local economy has been effected by the lockdown

Due to the increasing cases of corona, lockdown has been imposed in China many times in the past. Due to this, lakhs of people had to face the lockdown for two months. The local economy had also suffered a lot due to the lockdown. 

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