COVID&19 In China: Corona infection will remain at its peak for the next three months

Corona will be at its peak in China in the next few months. Its worst effect will be seen in rural areas. It is being told that the New Year will be celebrated in China from January 21, during which it is going to grow rapidly among the people.

China’s COVID-19 is going to be at its peak for the next two to three months and it will reach rural areas as well in some time to come. Meanwhile, it is a matter of concern that medical resources in rural areas are relatively less. An expert says that this epidemic will spread rapidly in the new year because during this time everyone turns to their homes. The beginning of this new year starts on January 21, it was known as the biggest annual migration of people before the pandemic. 

Infection spread rapidly after lifting the ban

China lifted all Covid restrictions following public protests in November and also opened borders last Sunday. The lifting of these restrictions is said to have spread the virus to China’s 1.4 billion people. The expert says that till now the focus was on big cities but now it is time to focus on rural areas. This week the World Health Organization has also warned of the risks arising from holiday travel. 

Chinese virologists said Friday that they discovered an infection in China with Omicron’s sub-variant XBB.1.5, which WHO scientists described in December as the most rapidly spreading sub-variant in the United States. Health officials have been reporting five or fewer deaths a day over the past month, but the lines at hospitals and cremation grounds tell otherwise. International health experts predict at least 1 million COVID-related deaths in China this year but China has reported just over 5,000 since the pandemic began, one of the lowest death rates in the world. 

Growing tension with many countries

Many countries have made the Covid test mandatory for passengers coming from China. South Korea and Japan also test those coming from China for Covid and quarantine those who are found infected. This has caused a lot of tension between these countries.

Some parts of China were returning to normal life. Especially the residents of big cities are moving fast. While China’s reopening has boosted financial assets globally, policymakers around the world worry it could restart inflationary pressures. Some analysts say that last year’s lockdown has left a permanent mark on China. This year the growth rate is seen to be up to 4.9% but it is still much lower than the pre-pandemic trend. 

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