COVID&19 Cases in China: Corona in Shanghai before the National Congress conference, concerns increased

Corona is once again spreading in China’s financial capital Shanghai. In the last three months, the highest number of 47 cases of COVID-19 have been registered on Wednesday. According to reports, some schools in Shanghai have been closed.

Record cases of corona infection have been reported in Shanghai, China. On Wednesday, Shanghai has reported the highest number of cases of COVID-19 compared to the previous three months. In view of the record cases of Corona, government schools have been silently closed. 

Highest number of cases after July 13

According to the report of the agency, 47 patients of corona have been found in Shanghai on Wednesday. After July 13, this is the highest number of cases found in a single day. In the fresh cases, all were found to be quarantine except two. After getting a large number of cases, the lockdown can be imposed again in Shanghai. Let us inform that 18 cases have been registered in the capital Beijing.

 National Congress convention in a few days

It is worth noting that the National Congress convention is going to be held in a few days. In the conference, there is talk of giving a third term to President Xi Jinping again. Corona cases rising before the conference have raised concerns. 

Many schools, cinema halls are closed

According to family members of school-going children and media posts, many schools have been closed due to the possibility of spreading the infection. According to the statements issued by the COVID prevention offices, entertainment places including cinema halls, bars and gyms have been closed in at least five districts.

Officials said on Sunday that no schools were closed across the city following speculation that the measure was being implemented through social media. But creeping suspensions, as well as a ramp up in other restrictions such as lockdowns of neighborhoods and individual residential complexes, have left Shanghai’s 25 million residents on edge. 

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