COVID&19 Cases in China: Ban on people, flights and buses going out of Xinjiang

xinjiang Corona Cases Strictness has been increased in Xinjiang, China regarding Corona. People have been banned from going out of Xinjiang. Apart from this, flight and bus services have also been banned.

A lockdown has been imposed in Xinjiang, China due to corona infection. Restrictions on people in Xinjiang have now been increased. People have been banned from leaving Xinjiang. Restrictions were eased only a few weeks ago, but now strictness is being increased.

Xinjiang Vice Chairman Liu Sushe said that precautions are being taken at airports, railway stations and checkpoints to ensure that the virus does not spread to other parts of the country. Trains, buses and most flights coming from outside will also be suspended. 

Symptoms not found in 38 patients

Many minorities also live in Xinjiang, with a population of about two crore. CNN reported that no symptoms have been found in 38 corona patients in the province. For this reason, it was decided to increase the strictness in Xinjiang. Liu Sushe has appealed to the people not to leave the area unless there is an urgent need to do so.

According to flight tracking company Variflight, 97 percent of flights taking off from Urumqi Airport and 97 percent of landing flights have been banned on Wednesday. Meanwhile, all flights to and from Xinjiang’s second largest city Kashgar have been cancelled.

5,790 cases of covid-19 in Xinjiang

Liu said, ‘Corona infection is currently the fastest spreading, most widespread, most contagious and most difficult to control in the history of Xinjiang.’ Let us inform that since July 30, 5,790 cases of covid-19 have been reported in the province

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