COVID in China: dangerous conditions due to this policy of China! Is there a new variant spreading panic? Read here

COVID in China: Dr. Sameeran Panda, head of the Indian Journal of Medical Research, says that in fact, China has spoiled the condition of its country only by implementing the zero covid policy. China not only implemented it, but even after strictly getting one case, put the entire area in it for a long time under the zero covid policy.

The deteriorating condition of Corona in China has once again created an atmosphere of fear in the whole world. Health experts around the world and institutions that determine policies regarding the prevention of covid in different countries have started reviewing their country’s health system again.

At present, it has been revealed during this review that China has made such a policy of its own, due to which it is once again trapped in the biggest danger of covid. Health experts say that if China had decided to meet the standards of covid like other countries of the world, perhaps today’s terrible situation in China would not have arisen again.

At present, the officials of the Ministry of Health and the responsible organizations in our country, after reviewing the cases of Kovid after the situation in China, have confirmed that everything is not only smooth and steady here, but the cases of Kovid are continuously decreasing. At the same time, there is no restriction on the flights coming from China after increasing Kovid cases. But after increasing cases in China, the Covid Task Force is continuously monitoring in its own country as well. 

Zero covid policy spoiled the situation

In fact, health experts hold China responsible for the manner in which the situation has arisen in China. Dr. Samiran Panda, who was the country’s chief epidemiologist during the covid epidemic and currently the head of the Indian Journal of Medical Research, says that in fact, China has spoiled the condition of its country only by implementing the Zero covid policy. He says that from the very beginning, the whole world was rejecting the zero covid policy.

But China not only implemented it, but even after strictly getting one case, put the entire area in it for a long time under the Zero Covid policy. Health experts say that this policy is now becoming the biggest problem for China. 

Dr. Samiran Panda says that the zero covid policy has not been practical. The World Health Organization has also not been in favor of this policy from the very beginning. Despite this, China strictly implemented the Zero Covid policy in its country. Now when China started removing the zero covid policy from different areas, the situation started deteriorating there.

Experts say that still China is the only country in the world, where there are many areas in which covid has not been affected. Now when the zero covid policy is being removed, all the same areas are getting affected the most and creating an atmosphere of fear all over the world. 

Many variants like Omicron and Delta active

Dr. NK Arora, a senior member of the anti-Covid task force set up in the country and head of the Kovid vaccination campaign, says that due to the deteriorating conditions in China, an atmosphere of fear has once again been created in the whole world. He says that but in our country there is no need to be afraid of the deteriorating conditions of neighboring countries.

The manner in which China saved many areas of its country from infection during the peak of Covid, now all those areas and the people living there are coming under the grip of Covid.

Many variants like Omicron and Delta are now wreaking havoc in the areas that are being removed under the zero policy. This is the reason why the situation has become worse in many areas of China.

Experts say that questions are being raised all over the world regarding the vaccine made in China. Although experts believe that apart from the zero covid policy, what other important roles can be played in China’s deteriorating condition, it should be investigated by the World Health Organisation. So that the world can be saved from such bad conditions. 

Dr. NK Arora, a senior member of the covid Task Force, says that you cannot stop the virus by putting a boundary. It is possible that you can reduce the effect of the virus for some time by locking people inside the doors of the house, but when you remove all the restrictions, the situation will also worsen. He says that what is happening in China at the moment is the result of that.

No new virus entry is there 

However, after the situation in China, not only are the Covid guidelines being reviewed in our country, but they are also being monitored very closely. Doctor. Arora says that after the deteriorating situation in China, a review done in his country has revealed that all the virus variants in the world are already present in his country. All the viruses have been exposed here. Doctor NK Arora says that there has been no entry of any new virus in China.

All the people who are getting infected there are due to the old variants only. That’s why this opportunity of China is not going to have any significant effect not only in India but in all those countries of the world where all the viruses have already been exposed. 

The team formed for Covid monitoring has once again reviewed all the parameters. Dr. Arora says that covid investigation of people coming from abroad is going on at the airport. At present, no guidelines have been given by the task force to curb any flight coming from China. All the people who are coming to Delhi airport from different countries of the world, they are being given entry as per the old Covid guidelines. He says that his team is not only continuously monitoring the increasing cases of covid in China but is also keeping an eye on his country. 

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