Corona created an outcry in China, the health agency said – it is impossible to track the exact number of COVID cases

Sun Chunlan, China’s top official in charge of the epidemic, said on Wednesday that China’s capital Beijing has been hit by a significant outbreak for the first time, visiting hospitals. Chunlan said that the country’s focus is on preventing the infection.

The situation of corona infection is getting worse day by day in China. Reports coming in from there are telling that crowds are thronging the cremation sites set up for the last rites of those who died of Covid. People who brought dead bodies for the funeral are waiting in line for their turn. This is the situation in the capital city of Beijing where there are world class medical facilities. In recent times, there has been a spurt in the activation of the Omicron variant of the corona virus in China. Unlike India, this variant is creating havoc in China. At present, there is news of its infection intensifying in Beijing with a population of two crore twenty lakhs. 

The government, which came under pressure after protests started on the streets against the zero-covid policy of the government, had withdrawn some of the provisions. It is believed that due to this the situation has worsened in the last two weeks. Despite the millions of measures taken by the government to hide the information, people thronging the funeral places are confirming the worsening of the situation. According to an American research institute, in the current week, there has been an explosion in the number of corona victims in China. 

People’s dead bodies are not being buried traditionally

In 2023, more than one million people are expected to die of Kovid in China. China’s situation poses a threat to global activities that are rapidly returning to normal. Even in 2020, the corona infection spread from Wuhan city of China had caught the whole world. A news agency reporter visiting Beijing saw crowds of people carrying bodies visiting designated burial sites for those who died of Covid, as well as smoke billowing from the chimneys of three crematoriums. It should be noted that in China, the dead bodies of people who died of Kovid are traditionally not buried and burnt. Parking staff at funeral sites reported that until a few days ago the number of bodies brought in for cremation was very low. 

Only a few dead bodies were being brought throughout the day, but in recent days the process of bringing dead bodies has not been broken. While according to a release issued by the Health Department of China on December 3, the last death from COVID occurred on November 23. According to the National Health Commission of China, only 5,235 people have died in the country from COVID since 2019. While China’s popular newspaper Kaixin has published the news of the death of two of its journalists on Friday and the death of a medical student in Sichuan province on 14 December. 

The recent boom has brought complete chaos to China. According to analysts, the country is unprepared for a wave of infections that could easily overwhelm its health system and cripple businesses and the economy. Amid the chaos, Chinese state media is asking citizens with mild symptoms to stay home and avoid calling Beijing’s emergency medical hotline. 

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