Communist government of China alerts anti&demonstrations, strict monitoring from social media to road

The government is now in full alert mode following protests over President Xi Jinping’s Zero-COVID policy. That’s why the protesters are being monitored in every way. Security has been increased on the roads.

The Communist government and administration of China have become very cautious about the protests taking place in various cities of the country. Now he seems fully prepared for the fact that people cannot hold any kind of protest on the streets. For this, special security arrangements have been made in every city, especially in those cities where people have taken to the streets against the zero COVID policy in the past. 

Tight security arrangements

Policemen are keeping an eye on everything. Apart from the security personnel in uniform, policemen in plain clothes have also been deployed at many places. There were large-scale protests in Hong Kong in the past, in which slogans were raised against President Xi. In such a situation, now the administration has become completely alert. Hong Kong is considered very sensitive in China. Here people have taken to the streets many times for freedom from China. 

Mercury below zero degree

The temperature is being recorded below zero degree in Shanghai, Nanjing including Beijing, the capital of China. Even after this, due to the protests here, the temperature of politics is very high. The government has now put a tight vigil even on the online calls regarding the protests. Any such post is being deleted immediately. In recent times, people’s anger against President Xi Jinping has been seen erupting in China on the pretext of zero COVID policy. This is also being seen as a big change. On the other hand, there is a boom in the cases of corona in China.

Protesters demand

The Chinese government is calling the lockdown in the country necessary for the prevention of corona. On the other hand, people are demanding that now they should get rid of it. People also demand that they should be given freedom to conduct RTPCR test and restrictions should be removed. Explain that the effect of sanctions in China is clearly visible on small and big businesses. 

Adverse effect of government policies

Due to the policies of the government, business and people’s income is being adversely affected. This is the reason why anger is rising among the people against the zero COVID policy of President Xi Jinping. This kind of protest is being seen against the Communist Party of China in decades. In some cities, the administration has definitely taken the initiative to provide relief to the people by relaxing the restrictions, but there has been no change in the attitude of the Communist Government of China in this regard. Experts say that the government is in favor of remaining silent about this. This is also because many other countries have also started reacting to the protests in China. 

Students on the streets

On Monday, around 50 students took to the streets in Hong Kong to shout slogans against the Zero-COVID policy and President Xi Jinping. All of them were students of Hong Kong University in China. They said that millions of people are being adversely affected due to the restrictions. All of them had covered their faces and were raising slogans No PCR Test but Freedom. Apart from this, Oppose dictatorship, dont be slaves! They were also raising slogans. Let us tell you that since the Pro-Democracy Protest, a lot of vigilance is being exercised in Hong Kong. In the same year there have been several major protests here. Hong Kong is a part of China but the law here is different from that of mainland China. 

Performance on the mainland

James Kai, a 29-year-old Shanghai university student who participated in the protests in Hong Kong, said he had wanted to say it for a long time, but never got the chance. Describing the protest here as completely peaceful, he said that the students were carrying blank white papers in their hands, which was a symbol of expressing their anger against the present government. 

Anger increases by the incident in Xinjiang

He said that if the people of mainland China are against the government then why can’t we do the same. James also said that he does not know how many people have been detained by the police. According to him, after the fire in an apartment in Xinjiang, there were protests in several cities. This also happened because the fire brigade could reach the accident spot late due to the lockdown. Due to this, ten people had died there. 

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