China deploys warships near Taiwan after US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy meets Island President, Report

Meanwhile, China deployed a warship named Shandong near Taiwan. According to Al Jazeera’s report, the warship is at a distance of 370 kilometers from the east coast of Taiwan. Taiwan’s warships are constantly keeping an eye on this.

China imposed restrictions on two American organizations

Apart from doing recce of Taiwan from the warship, China has imposed restrictions on the representative of Taiwan in America. Ambassador Hsiao Bi Kim and his family will no longer be able to visit China, Hong Kong and Macau due to the restrictions. Apart from this, the ambassador’s companies will also not be able to do any business with China.

At the same time, China has announced a ban on two American organizations. According to reports, these two organizations had planned the US visit of President Sai Ing Wayne. These institutions also include the Ronald Reagan Library of California.

Taiwan is a sovereign country, giving a befitting reply to every action of China

China had warned President Sai Ing Wen even before he went to America. Along with this, America was also accused of increasing the dispute. Actually, Sai Ing Wen sees Taiwan as a sovereign nation. They believe that Taiwan is not a part of ‘One China’.

China remains angry about his attitude. Ever since it came to power in 2016, China has been refusing to hold talks with Taiwan. China has also increased economic, military and diplomatic pressure on the island. China believes that Taiwan is its territory. China says that it can be captured by force if needed, but Sai gives a befitting reply to China’s illegal act.

What is the history behind the war of China and Taiwan?

The story of the mutual fight between China and Taiwan begins in 1949. Before this both countries were one. In fact, in 1949, a civil war was waged under the leadership of communist leader Mao Zedong against the government of the nationalist Kuomintang Party led by Chiang Kai-shek. Mao Zedong and his supporters won in this.

After this, Chiang Kai-shek crossed the sea with his supporters and reached the island named Taiwan. The Communists did not have the means to cross the ocean with an army, so they did not go to Taiwan. After this, Mao Zedong formed the government in China. At the same time, the government of the Nationalist Coming Tang Party led by Chiang Kai-shek was formed in Taiwan.

The real fighting started after that, when Mao said that he had won all of China, so he had the right to Taiwan. At the same time, the Kuomintang said that although they have been defeated in some parts of China, they represent China.

For this reason, Taiwan has kept its official name ‘Republic of China’, while the present name of China is ‘People’s Republic of China’. Since 1950, China has wanted to integrate Taiwan into its country.

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