China COVID: 80 percent of people in China corona infected, chances of second wave

A Chinese government scientist said that 80 percent of the people of China have been infected with Corona. Along with this, he said that due to the Lunar New Year, people are meeting each other a lot, so the number of infections in rural areas can increase.

A Chinese government scientist said on Saturday that there is little chance of a resurgence of COVID-19 in China in the next two or three months as 80% of people have been infected. The chief epidemiologist of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that a large number of people traveled during the Lunar New Year holiday, which could spread the epidemic, leading to an increase in infections in some areas, but the possibility of a second COVID wave Not there.

The risk of infection has increased in rural areas

In China, almost all restrictions have been lifted, even as the border has reopened, with millions meeting each other for the holidays. Due to this, the risk of spreading infection in rural areas has increased slightly. An official of the National Health Commission said on Thursday that China has passed the peak of the number of COVID patients in clinics, emergency rooms and in critical condition. The number of patients is increasing continuously here. 

Fake figures of death

Nearly 60,000 people infected with COVID had died in hospital by January 12, nearly a month after China abruptly ended its zero-Covid policy, according to government data. But some experts say that this figure is not correct because this figure is only for those who die in the hospital, those who die at home are not counted. 

China accused western media

Since the withdrawal of China’s zero-covid policy, there is concern in many countries that it may once become the biggest reason for increasing infection. That’s why many countries have made the rules very strict for those traveling from China. Along with this, many other strict rules have been made. However, China has accused the Western media of bias and defamation regarding the country’s COVID policy. China has said that media groups are unnecessarily criticizing the sudden end of China’s zero covid policy. 

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