China: 40,000 COVID&19 positive cases in China amid strict lockdown and protests against Xi Jinping

The outbreak of Corona in China is increasing continuously. According to the National Health Commission, according to the data released on November 28, a record 40,000 cases have been reported in China once again in 24 hours. So on the other hand people are on the streets against the restrictions.

Protests against the COVID-19 lockdown have spread to Beijing and nearly 40,000 cases of the novel coronavirus were reported in China on Monday. For the fifth day in a row, China reported close to 4,000 cases in the capital Beijing.

China’s National Health Commission said that 39,452 new cases were reported on Monday, including 36,304 local asymptomatic cases. Meanwhile, protests that began in the eastern metropolis of Shanghai over the weekend have spread to Beijing where hundreds of people gathered on Sunday evening. 

Protests intensified in many cities of China

People’s anger against Xi Jinping’s government is increasing in China. On the one hand, the increasing cases of corona and on the other hand due to the zero COVID policy, people are upset due to being forcibly confined in homes. Protests have intensified in many cities after Beijing, the capital of China. Protests are intensifying in Shanghai. 

Health commission changed the zero COVID policy

In view of the protests against the Zero COVID policy in China, the National Health Commission of China has also made some changes in this policy. Which includes reducing the quarantine time, relaxing the restrictions. The commission has also released a 20 point programme. It should also be mentioned here that where 30,000 cases of corona were reported in the country on Saturday, their figure increased to 40,000 on Sunday

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