Boksburg explosion: terrible gas tanker explosion in Boksburg city of South Africa, 20 people died and many injured

Regarding this accident, it has been claimed that the explosion occurred due to a gas tanker getting stuck in an underpass in the city. The massive explosion took place due to leakage from a gas tanker stuck in the underpass.

The news of a major accident is coming to the fore in Boksburg city of South Africa. There has been a big explosion on the hospital road in the city, in which according to the information received so far, 20 people have died. Not only this, the matter of many people getting injured is also coming to the fore. 

It is being told that this blast happened due to the explosion of a gas tanker. After this blast, there has been chaos in the area and rescue work is being done.

What is the whole matter

According to preliminary information, the incident took place a few meters away from OR Tambo Memorial Hospital in Boksburg town. It is being told that a gas tanker carrying gas got stuck in an underpass. In such a condition, gas started leaking from the tanker and in a sudden big explosion, about 20 people lost their lives. 

This incident took place on Saturday morning in which news of injuries to many people has also come to the fore. There is chaos among people near OR Tambo Hospital after the explosion. According to media reports, meanwhile the news of rescue work is also coming to the fore. 

Emergency services are located on Railway Street in Boksburg

Speaking about the accident, Emre-G-Med Kyle van Reenen said that several emergency services have arrived at Railway Street in Boksburg and rescue operations are ongoing. According to him, the incident occurred due to an explosion in a fuel tanker. 

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