Boat Capsized In Bangladesh: Major accident in Bangladesh, 23 killed as boat capsizes in river; many missing

Boat Capsized In Bangladesh A major incident took place in Bangladesh on Sunday in which at least 23 people were killed when a boat capsized in a river. At the same time, several dozen people have gone missing in this accident.

A shocking news has come out from Bangladesh. A major incident has happened after a boat capsized in a river in the country on Sunday. At least 23 people have died in this accident, while more than a dozen people have gone missing. The police gave information about this incident on Sunday.

#BREAKING 23 dead after boat sinks in Bangladesh: police

— AFP News Agency (@AFP) September 25, 2022

Women and children lost their lives in the incident

Giving information about the incident, District Administrator of North Panchgarh, Zahrul Islam said that women and children were among the bodies recovered so far where the accident took place. “The rescue operation is on for the missing people,” he said. Islam further said he did not know the exact number of people missing, but passengers said more than 70 people were on the boat.

Ferry accidents in Bangladesh

Hundreds of people die each year in ferry accidents in Bangladesh, a low-lying country that has extensive inland waterways but lacks safety standards. Earlier in May, at least 26 people were killed when an overcrowded speedboat collided with a sand-laden bulk carrier and sank in the Padma river.

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