Bikini barista wins, federal court rejects city dress code

The federal judge ruled in favor of the bikini barista regarding the dress. Let us tell you that the dress code was implemented in 2017. Hillbilly Hotties, the owner of Everett Bikini Barista Stand, and some employees filed a complaint regarding the dress code.

Bikni Barista: A big relief news has come out about Bikini Barista. A federal court has ruled the city of Washington’s dress code ordinance unconstitutional.

According to the dress code, bikini baristas must cover their entire body at work. As the Everett Herald reports, the legal battle between the bikini barista and the city of Everett over workers’ rights has been going on for a long time.

Violation of dress code ordinance

The U.S. District Court in Seattle found that Everett’s dress code ordinance allowed the U.S. and violated equal protection clauses of the Washington state constitutions. The Court found that the ordinance, pursuant to a 19-page ruling signed by US District Judge Ricardo S. Martinez, was designed with a gender-discriminatory purpose.

The court said that how this ordinance can be equally applicable to men and women, as these banned clothes are usually worn by women instead of men. The clothing that is banned includes midriff and scoop-back shirts, as well as bikinis. Let us tell you that the main target of this ordinance was the bikini barista. The court, while giving its verdict, said that the bikini barista profession includes a workforce that is almost entirely comprised of women.

In 2017 the city of Everett implemented a dress code

For information, let us tell you that in 2017, the city of Everett enacted its own dress code ordinance, which requires all employees, owners and operators to cover body parts from top to bottom. The ordinance had mainly kept coffee stands, fast food restaurants, delis, food trucks and coffee shops in this list.

Hillbilly Hotties, owner of the Everett Bikini Barista Stand, and some employees filed a legal complaint challenging the constitutionality of the dress code ordinance. He also challenged the city’s lewd conduct ordinance, but the court rejected all of the barista’s claims but the dress code was also questioned by the court. The court directed the city of Everett to meet with the prosecutor within 14 days to discuss next steps.

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