Australian Sperm donor uses fake names to father more than 60 children, Exposed!

There was similarities in children

Sperm donor clients meet at a get-together for the new parents. There everyone was surprised to see the similarity between their children. He then sought out information about the person from IVF clinics in different parts of the country to investigate the matter.

Have donated sperm many times

Dr Annie Clark of Sydney-based Fertility Fest told that the man had served at our clinic only once. He claimed that he has done sperm donation several times through Facebook groups. We know that he got many gifts in return which is totally illegal. The reason for his arrest was that he was not completely Caucasian i.e. resident of European origin.

It is illegal to receive a gift 

In Australia, as in many other countries, receiving a gift in exchange for human sperm is an offense under the Human Tissue Act, which can lead to up to 15 years in prison. But due to forums like Facebook groups, parents and donors meet, cases of informal donations are on the rise.

UK also has rules

In the UK as well, according to the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority, it is illegal for sperm donors to receive payment of any kind for donation. A donor can receive a maximum of £35 for each clinical visit. It has also been mandated by the authority that a person’s sperm can be given to a maximum of 10 families. However, the limit of children that families can have is not fixed.

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