Australia: missing radioactive capsule can create havoc, urgent alert in Western Australia

                         <h2>                                 A 'radioactive capsule' has gone missing in Western Australia. Its disappearance has created an atmosphere of sensation in the entire region. It was lost in mid-January somewhere between the city of Newman and the city of Perth in a distance of 1400 km.                            </h2>                         </p><div>                             <p>Sake's disappearance has created an atmosphere of sensation in the entire area. People are very scared due to the disappearance of radioactive capsule. The consequences of radioactive capsule are very dangerous, it can cause diseases like cancer to people. Just touching it can have fatal consequences.            </p>                                <p>Radioactive fell from the truck while being taken from Newman to Perth  

Officials said on Saturday that the radioactive capsule was lost while being transported on a truck from a mine to a depot in the Western Australian city of Perth. Several teams have also been formed to search for this capsule. It is being told that this radioactive capsule is very small.

Its outer shell contains a small amount of radioactive cesium-137, which can cause serious illness if touched. It was lost in mid-January somewhere between the city of Newman and the city of Perth at a distance of 1,400 km. 

Officials shared picture of radioactive capsule

The officials have also shared a picture of the radioactive capsule. The length of the radioactive capsule is 8 mm and the width is 6 mm in the picture. Its size seems smaller than the Australian 10 cent coin.

The radioactive capsule has fallen somewhere within a radius of 1,400 kilometers from Perth to Newman. As soon as the information is received, the security team is engaged in the investigation, but the radioactive capsule has not been detected yet. 

being searched using radiation detectors

Superintendent Daryl Ray said they were looking for populated areas north of Perth and strategic locations along the Great Northern Highway. He also informed that radiation detectors are being used to detect gamma Rays Authorities were also using GPS data from the truck to determine the exact route the driver took and where he stopped after leaving the mine on January 10.

Capsule may be miles away from the areas being searched

It is being speculated that the radioactive capsule may have already got stuck in the tire of another vehicle. So it may be hundreds of km miles away from the area where the authorities are searching for it. Rio Tinto said it had provided a specialist radioactive material handler to package the capsule and deliver it “safely” to the depot. But it was not reported until Wednesday that the radioactive capsule had gone missing.

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