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Apple CEO Tim Cook earns crores every day, know his net worth – The Asia Saga

Apple CEO Tim Cook earns crores every day, know his net worth

Tim Cook in India: Apple has opened the first official retail store in India on Tuesday i.e. 18 April 2023. Apart from this, a retail store has also been opened in Delhi. The brand’s retail store in Mumbai has been opened at Kurla Complex, Jio World Drive Mall, while the Delhi store at Saket City Walk Mall has been inaugurated by the company’s CEO, Tim Cook. The rent for the Delhi and Mumbai stores is almost the same, but the Delhi store is less than half of the Mumbai store.

Apple CEO Tim Cook met Prime Minister Narendra Modi before the inauguration of the Delhi store. Apart from this, Tim Cook also met Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav and Deputy IT Minister Rajeev Chandrashekhar. At the same time, before the launch of Mumbai’s retail store, Tim Cook had met celebrities like Madhuri Dixit, Armaan Malik, Anil Kumble in Mumbai. Tim Cook had also reached Mukesh Ambani’s house Antilia during a business meet.

According to the billionaire list of Forbes, the wealth of 62-year-old Tim Cook is more than 1.8 billion dollars i.e. 14 thousand crore rupees. During the year 2022, Cook received an amount of $ 99.4 million or Rs 815 crore, which includes a salary of $ 3 million. Apart from this, $ 83 million stock award and bonus were also received. This was more than the amount received in 2021. During 2021, he got $ 98.7 million.

How much does Tim Cook earn per day

Although his income has been cut in 2023 and the total compensation is $ 49 million or Rs 401 crore. Accordingly, the daily earnings of the CEO of the iPhone maker company is more than Rs 1.10 crore. Tim Cook will retire in the year 2026. The company is also planning to cut down on restricted stock.

Tim Cook Education

Tim Cook comes from Alabama in the southeastern region of America. His father was a shipyard worker and his mother worked in a pharmacy. In 1988, he earned a Master of Business Administration from the Fuqua School of Business under Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. He was made the CEO of Apple in 2011.

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