America imposes restrictions on Chinese travelers, will have to show negative report before traveling

Corona cases are continuously increasing in China, in view of which all countries are alert. In view of the Corona cases in China, America has said that now it will be mandatory for all passengers coming from China to America to get COVID test done two days before traveling.

Corona cases are continuously increasing in China. Due to which other countries are also on alert mode. At the same time, now America has also issued a guideline for the passengers coming from China. America has given strict instructions for passengers coming from China.

At the same time, on Wednesday, December 28, the US has announced a new corona testing policy for all passengers coming from China. According to this policy, now it has been made necessary for all the passengers coming from China to America to get COVID test done two days before traveling and to show negative corona report. 

Rules will apply to passengers coming from America

Explain that these travel rules will apply to all passengers arriving in the US or arriving in the US via Seoul, Toronto or Vancouver. Those who have tested positive 10 days prior to traveling to the US will also have to provide proof of complete recovery from COVID. 

With this, Seattle and Los Angeles will also join the list of airports covered under the Genomic Surveillance Program in the US. The total number of such airports will be 7. From where 500 flights operate every week to 30 countries. According to officials, 290 flights operate from China and its surrounding areas to the US every week. 

Will have to show negative reports of COVID before traveling

AFP quoted a US federal health official as saying that all passengers traveling by air from China, Hong Kong and Macau would have to undergo a corona test two days before arriving in the US.

This rule will apply to all air passengers of two years of age and above. All passengers will have to provide their documents regarding the negative report to the concerned airline before boarding the flight. The new rules will be in place from January 5.

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